Call In Our Compton Water Heater Repair Team at the First Sign of Trouble

A water heater might just look like a large Our Compton Water Heater Repair Team is Available 24/7 tank that has a heating element inside of it but it is far more complex than that. Within the galvanized steel walls of each water heater lies a sacrificial anode, a rod that has one sole purpose, to decay. This rod gives its life so that the interior steel walls of the tank do not rust. Our Compton water heater repair techs have seen what happens when an anode fails and the tank rusts from the inside out. It's not a pretty site. It leaves your water running orange and your tank ready to fall apart at any moment.

On the outside of the tank there is a temperature and pressure release valve that regulates the interior of the tank so that it doesn't overheat or over pressurize and explode. If one of these valves doesn't function properly, coupled with a thermostat problem, the tank can become a powerful explosive.

On the interior of an electric powered tank, In Compton, We Repair Gas Lines and Valves a heating element heats the water while in a gas powered variety the tank is heated at the bottom through a jet of flame. There is a gas pressure valve at the base of the tank that regulates the flow of gas. If this valve cracks it can release minute amounts of natural gas into the home. While this won't build up enough to cause a threat of explosion, it can cause lingering illness, nausea and vomiting and general flu-like symptoms in members of the home.

Our Compton water heater repair techs are very mindful of all of these parts because if any one of them fails the unit will not function properly. Several of these malfunctions can be deadly or can cause severe damage to a home or harm the family that lives within.